Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Plans for this Monsoon...

Monsoon is a time to get going to different hilly places, to stand in the middle of the Waterfall, hiking in the rain or just seating on the rocks enjoying the rain.

I might go to USA in August so I need to make sure that I get maximum fresh memories with me....so that my heart will remain wet till next monsoon.

Plans for this Monsoon:
1) Visit Tamhini Ghat (Third Time)
2) Visit Girivan Again (Lost the count)
3) Visit Paradise Cafe, Mulashi Again (Lost the count)
4) Kundalika River Rafting (First Time)
5) Visit Sinhgad (Lost the count)
6) Visit Lonavala (Lost the count)
7) Visit Lohagad (Third Time)
8) Visit Karnala (Second Time)
9) Visit Tung-Tikona Fort (First Time)
10) Visit Chakan Fort (First Time)
11) Visit Amboli waterfall (First Time)
12) Visit Lavasa (Second Time)
13) Visit Purandar (Second Time)
14) Visit Naneghat (Second Time)
15) Visit Mahabaleshwar

I should not miss any of the weekend. :)

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