Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 Day Teacher's Strike in Maharashtra

What is the need for them to go on strike? Can't they just do their work properly? There are some quick questions from the people who meet me today.

But this is not the reality. Sixth Pay Commission salaries have not been implemented for college and university teachers in Maharashtra and a recent state government resolution has set pay in schools and junior colleges at lower than the central government scales.

Why government is hesitant in paying to teachers. they make the future by teaching the generations.

They are drivers of the society....a healthy society.

I am with teachers.
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1 comment:

Karanam R Rao said...

The strike called by the federation of college and university teachers should be amicably settled by the Maharashtra govt as it leaves the whole academic community on a war path.Let the state govt fulfill its promises and assure the teachers that their deamnds are met with.