Saturday, September 19, 2009

Battle Beholders : Photography Exhibition

Today I visited wildlife photography exhibition at Bal-Gandharv Art Gallery, Pune. I am really surprised by the profiles of the People who has exhibited there photographs captures in different parts from all over the world.

They all were hobby photographers. 6 of them were Police and Excise commissioner and one was business man. It is really amazing to know that people nourishes their passion in the rat race of earning livelihood.

These group of people also know as focal group and they also released their group web site where you can find all of their work.

And the interesting fact is they have majority of their photos from India.

They have captured the photographs from Ranthambore(Rajsthan), Kanziranga(Assam), Gir(Gujraat).

Those were really beautiful photographs. I liked it.

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