Friday, September 18, 2009

Swine flu has not gone Sirji.....Keep patrolling...

Swine Flu claims 3 lives in Pune; toll rises to 52 (Source - PTI)

Swine Flu is still not in control. Doctors and giving there sweat and blood day and night trying to cure the swine flu patient but where is the part of duty from our side, the citizen’s side.

At the start everybody was scared and trying to do every possible thing that can prevent swine flu from occurring but now every body is thinking that swine flu is not that much serious and there is very less probability that swine flu will attack them. Earlier people were afraid of seeing the news of 1 or 2 deaths per day but now the death count has risen to 8 per day but now they started ignoring that.

But is only the part of duty from citizen why government is not doing some strict actions. Doctors intimated that Ganesh Festival can be the serious carrier for swine flu decease but government did not put a ban on it. As a result there are more numbers of patients found after Ganesh Festival.

Now Navratri is getting started, now again people will come together and more number of swine flu patients can be observed after Navratri. According some news papers there are new patients found in some of the schools in Pune.

Government and we both should wake up and start preparing for the next attack from this virus!!!

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