Sunday, September 13, 2009

Want to revisit Agakhan Palace and Shinde Chatri...

From many days I am planning to revisit Aga Khan Palace and Shinde Chatri. Since both the place has the historical background and cool British architecture. Its a perfect place to get some great shots.

Today I planned to visit Shinde chatri but couldn't go there due to some unplanned work.

May be next week end I will visit those beautiful places.

Road to Shinde Chatri:

One of the greatest architectural beauties of the city is the Shindyanchi Chhatri, situated in Wanowrie. It is a memorial dedicated to the great soldier, Mahadji Shinde. The memorial complex also consists of a temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which was built by Mahadji himself, in the year 1794. He left for the holy abode the same year and in 1965, Madhavrao Sindhia got the entire complex built, along with the samadhi (memorial). The major attraction of the Shinde Chatri is its exquisite architecture, reflecting the style used in Rajasthan, India. Even years after its construction, the memorial retains its architectural designs and beauty and seems to be totally unaffected by time. (Courtesy: Rickshaw Challenge)

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Road to Agakhan Palace

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