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New Project Started....

After submitting the proposal, finally we won the project and today it got started.

Now I am very much busy. At least something is happening in life.

Blog Hunt 1

With this article I am going to collect interesting blogs from the net. I am going to post these blogs on my blog. You can also put your blog name in the comment section so that I can check your blog and publish it on my blog.

For this month I have hunted these interesting blogs.

Akash Kandil at My Place

Diwali is a festival of lights. We Indians celebrate it by via symbolic diyas or Akash-Kandils (Akash - Sky and Kandil = colorful paper lanterns)

I clicked the photo of Akash Kandil at my place, I am sure you will like it.

Happy Dewali to All!!!

Today is Dhan-Teras. Another auspicious day of Diwali.
Wish you very very happy Diwali and Prosperous new year.

Vote Pune Vote!!!!

In 1645,One Vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England
In 1648 ,One Vote decided the execution of CharlesI
In 1776 ,One Vote gave MAerica English instead of German as a language
In 1868,One Vote saved Andrew Jackson frm Impeachment
In 1923,One Vote made Hitler the leader of Nazi Party
In 1998,Vajpayee Govt. was defeated by One Vote

Tomorrow there will be elections for Maharashtra State. I am going to vote tomorrow. What about you?

Be a responsible citizen. Be a hero. Be a voter.

Top 5 Reasons YOUth should vote.

I am back on track....

Photo Courtesy : Flickr
I feel fresh as I wake up....
To this misty mornin......
Away from the madding crowd......
As I listen to the birds chirping......
I lie on my bed.. ....
My eyes set on the view outside......
What a beautiful start......

I was on leave from Thursday due to my sickness. It was a normal flu. Now I am perfectly fine. Had lots of sleep. I am really feeling rejuvenating.

Hats of to Medical Science and off course the mother nature.

Back from Alibaug (Nagaon Beach) but caught with Fever...

Map for Nagaon Beach from Pune:

View Larger Map

Last weekend we went to Nagaon beach near Alibaug. But due to heavy rains we could only able to visit Nagaon beach.

It was a good trip with old friends. But due to long weekends majority of the resorts were full. Finally we managed to get one room but food was not good.

I caught with flu...wait wait..its not swine's :)))

I am recovered now. I was on leave for 2 days. I just checked my medical record and I got this illness after 2 years. good health huh:)))

I hope you enjoy these pics.

[Way to Alibaug near ISPAT company]

[ISPAT Plant..I hope this is not spoiling the nature]
[Lotus lake in Alibaug]
[Way to Nagoan Beach]
[Way to Nagaon Beach]

MadheGhat Waterfall

18 September 2009

“A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.”

For this weekend we had a plan to go to Zenith Waterfalls and Karla Caves. But due to some unavoidable reasons I changed the plan and went with Nikhil for the Madhe Ghat which is around 70kms from Pune. Sorry Kaustubh!!!

We started at 9:30pm from Nikhil's Places. Since it was first day of the Navratri Festivals, lots of Traffic Jam was there on the road. Somehow we managed to get out of it. After having dinner in the roadside hotel we started heading towards panshet dam and it was 11:30pm.

Just before panshet dam you have to take the left turn to go to Velha. It was very beautiful road trip. Even in the night you can not resists yourself from stopping on the roads for a while and watch the eternal beauty of the night full of stars. We reached Velha at around 1:15am. We were searching for the school so that we had a quick nap for the next day journey. Ajay was supposed to know this but he couldn't get …