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I am away till 6th December....

Dear IDEAFEST readers,

I am away from blogging till 6th December 2009 because of my Delhi trip. I will be back from 7th December.

Love you all!!!


Go Kiss the World - Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi delivered this speech to the Class of 2006 at the IIM, Bangalore on defining success. This was the first time Subroto Bagchi shared the guiding principles of his life with young professionals.

To read the original article please click here.

I was the last child of a small-time government servant, in a family of five brothers. My earliest memory of my father is as that of a District Employment Officer in Koraput, Orissa. It was, and remains as back of beyond as you can imagine. There was no electricity; no primary school nearby and water did not flow out of a tap. As a result, I did not go to school until the age of eight; I was home-schooled. My father used to get transferred every year. The family belongings fit into the back of a jeep - so the family moved from place to place and without any trouble, my Mother would set up an establishment and get us going. Raised by a widow who had come as a refugee from the then East Bengal, she was a matriculate when she married my …

Planning for my next Trip to Rajshtan-Delhi-Jammu-Kashmir

Next week, I am planning to visit Rajstan, Delhi and Jammu Kashmir, hopefully my leave will get approved. Finger crossed.

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November mein aisi barish nahi hoti

Apno se pyar ki guzarish nahi hoti,
Gairon se wafa ki aazmayish nahi hoti,
Koi saccha dil tuta hoga aaj,
warna november mein aisi barish nahi hoti

Ik si Amrita, Ik hai Imroz - A Love Story Revisited

The following Article is taken fromThe Tribune. To read the original article please click here.

It was the ideal woman-man relationship of our times. Punjabi writers share fond reflections with Nirupama Duttof the bond of love that held poet Amrita Pritam and painter Imroz together for a lifetime

People are trying to explore live-in relationships and society is trying to learn to accept such unconventional ties. But more than forty years ago there was this gutsy girl from Gujranwala and a dreamy boy born in Chak No: 36, near Lyallpur, who defied all convention and chose to live together in a brick-and-stone house lined with dreams just because they loved each other. What is more, this bond of love stood firm in the face of storms and it retained its intensity and beauty until the dying day.

No, I am wrong here for even death has not the power to do them part. One is talking, of course, of Punjab’s celebrated poet Amrita Pritam and her lifetime companion painter Imroz.

Pal Kaur, Amb…

Mandolin Notations - 1 - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa

Mandolin is one of the melodious instrument. But when I searched on internet about leaning Mandolin based on the Indian notations I was disappointed by the search results.

Now I am going to publish the Mandolin Notations for Bollywood songs on Ideafest Blog. I am doing this in my spare time please be patient for the new notations. Fill free to put your requests for songs notations.

I am waiting for your feedback.

Following is the Mandolin notation for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa.