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A R Rehman live, Atlantic City, NJ (Jai Ho World Tour 2010)


Singers participated with A R

Winner of the 2004 Padma Shri national award, multiple National Film Awards and 2004 Yesudas Award for outstanding contribution to Indian film music.
Hariharan - Medley (Live)
Hariharan - "Tu Hi Re" (Live)
Hariharan, A.R. Rahman and Sadhna Sargam - "Chanda Re"

Javed Ali
Winner of the 2009 IIFA Award for "Jashn-E-Bahara" (Jodha-Akbar) and 2009 Best Male Playback Singer for "Guzarish" (Ghajini).
Javed Ali - "Guzarish"
Javed Ali on Musical-E-Azam

Benny Dayal
Winner of the 2009 Filmfare R.D. Burman Award for New Music Talent and 2009 Stardust Best Upcoming Talent Award for Jane Tu Ya Jane Na.
Benny Dayal and Various Artists - "Pappu Can't Dance"

Up and coming singer and musician and 2008 Pepsi MTV Youth Icon.
Shweta Pandit, Blaaze and Neetii Muhan - "Ringa Ringa" Live
A.R. Rahman and Blaaze - "Hamma Hamma" Live

Shweta Pandit
Winner of 2009 Best Female Playback Singer for "Nenani Neevani" and nominated for 2005 Stardust Best Music Sensation.
Shweta Pandit - "Nenani Neevani"

Neetii Muhan
Up-and-coming musical sensation and talent.
Neetii Muhan - "Mayya" Live

Songs performed in the concert
Oh Saya...(A R)
Ye jo Des hai tera (A R)
Barso re megha
Dil kabhi baccha
Bombay Theme
Dil se re(A R)
Sitar from Slumdog
Rang de basanti
Bharat Hum ko Jaan se pyara hai (Hariharan)
Luka chupi (A R)
Azadi.. ayegi(A R)
Violin from Slumdog
Pappu can't dance sala
Dangerous by MJ (A R)
Urvashi A R)
Hai Rama ye (Hariharan)
Miyan ki todi (Hariharan)
Bhor bhayi (Hariharan)
tumri - yaad piya ki aaye (Hariharan)
Hole hole gau
hum jo iss pal yahan
touba touba ye jalve
genda phool
ishq bina kya jeena yaaro (A R)
mehendi hai rachne wali
om mangalam vishu bhage
ringa ringa
ek omkara
o palanhare
khwaja ji (A R)
humma (A R)
vande mataram ( A R)
Jai Ho (A R)

And Tu hi re by Hariharan..:)

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To read about his first show of this world tour in pune, india please click here.

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Its very good thank you for sharing.

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Lyrics - Lallati Bhandar from Marathi Movie Jogwa.

"Lallati Bhandaar" is the song picturised on all the characters of film, as this is the Gondhal a song sung in the praise of the Goddess Yellamma.

It involves wonderful usage of traditional instruments.Singers - Ajay Gogavale, ajay.

Amazing song from Marathi Movie Jogwa. Beautiful dance.

It takes you to the different world. Trance!!!

Please give me your feedback about the music of this song. Thanks.

'''Jogwa - The Awakening (Marathi: जोगवा) is a National Film Award winning 2009 Marathi film directed by Rajiv Patil and produced under iDream Productions & Screenplay by Sanjay Krishnaji Patil. It stars Uupendra Limaye and Mukta Barve in the lead roles while Priya Berde, Vinay Apte and Kishor Kadam essay supporting roles.

The film bagged five awards at the national film awards for 2009 National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues, National Film Award for Best Actor : Uupendra Limaye National Film Award for Best Music Direction : Ajay Atul , National Film Award f…