Friday, June 11, 2010

Reached USA

"Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see, Hartford is the chief". - Mark Twain (1868)

Reached USA last weekend...Hartford, connecticut.
After one and half year again I am at the same place. The only and major difference is last time I was there in summer and now its winter. Now I atleast can take walk in a pleasant whether.

Almost 400 years old, Hartford is among the oldest cities in the United States.

Its nice to be here in summer.

I landed here on 6-June-2010, thanks to Pradeep who came all over the way to pick me up. On the same day we went to Indian restaruant and "Prince of Persia" moive followed by it.

I want to upload the pictures but I do not have personal laptop. I have ordered once, then only I will be uploading the photos.

Yesterday we went to city - space its a nice restuarant in the downtown hartford. They have their own brewery. It was like a small get together for all of us.

Coming weekend I will be going to Atlantic city, Newyork to attain A R Rehman's world tour show. He has started his world tour from pune, I have attended that show...It was a life lime experience. Now I will be experiencing the life again...

Thanks to A R.

That's it for today.

Love and peace,

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