Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Ray Gonzalez - Latin Jazz and Salsa Festival

As per my plan in my US stay, I have decided that every weekend I have to do\visit some new interesting activity.

This weekend was good in this regard. On friday we had a picnic and we played softball over there.

Today evening we went to The Ray Gonzalez - Latin Jazz and Salsa Festival. It was a blast.

It was at the riverfront plaza, hartfrord.

Guest Artist were: Richi Flores, Lucho Cueto and Black Sugar Sextet, Ray Gonzalez, Torres Jazzy Rumba.
Guest Singers were Josue Rosado, Juan Garcia, Jennifer Murillo.

Jennifer Murillo was amazing. Her singing style and voice are phonomenon. She is daughter of New Orleans cultured by Pervuvian parents and gifted singing student at Guakia in Hatford. she has participated as one of the main characters in the following musicals: "Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans" and "Alice in Wonderland" presented by The Hartford Childern's Theater. Murillo made her debut at the Festival singing with Big Band Orchestra conducted by Ray Gonzalez.

Another impressive performance was from the Juan Manuel Garcia. A true Puerto Rican sonero with deep and passionate doman in the art of improvisation. Garcia has been the featured sinnger for man musical groups in and out of Puerto Rico. Presently Garcia is the singer for Orquesta Mulenz. He performed first time in Ray Gonzalez Latin Jass and Salsa Festival.

Over all it was a great experience to see these people performing live. People were dancing on there tunes and rytheme. What else you need for a perfect weekend.

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musicmike said...

Hi! I came across your blog while surfing for more information about Ray Gonzalez. Like you, I was looking for something fun to do on the weekend and was blown away by the music at this performance. I am a public school music teacher, singer, and trumpet player. That concert was one of the best I've seen all summer. I love Latin music and nothing beats seeing a big band LIVE. Outdoor concerts are a wonderful way to bring people together. I'd love to know more about your planned adventures for the summer, esp. ones like that - please keep me in the loop! Mike

Innocent Warrior said...

Hey Mike, if you are in Hartford or west Hartford there are lots of opportunities for the music.

especially in West hartford on every wednesday there is a music concert for free.

check following links