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Finally I am going back to India. Today is my last working day. In last 3 months I really enjoyed here, meet new people, good people. Lots of good memories.

Learned new things, got new friends....I will remember these 3 month.

See you USA, bye bye!!!


A flimmaker rarely writes about films.

Indian Independence day 15 August 2010 at Hartford, USA

Hartford is the only city in USA where Indian Flag is hosted on Capitol Building. Thanks to all Americans!!!

Thanking God..Real life experience of my colleague

Software Developers and Software Testers are like Tom and Jerry. Always fighting but still both are important for a successful software product.

Riya (Name changed for Privacy), the tech lead of our testing team shared one article about her real life experience. After reading her experience you will feel that how much things we assume in our life.

Here is the article.

I would like to welcome you all to know something happened in my life. I wanted to share this not only to my friends, even to my know persons. J

May be like a story..

They were days we were slowly digesting the fact that my father is no more in this world. Not even 1 yr my father left us, on May 18th, 2009 one of my brothers [3rd bro] was shot by ISI terrorists at Falaknama, Hyderabad. He got shot in head and bullet went into head. Doctors said that cannot say anything till 4 to 5 days observation. That was the reason I am back from Sydney.

At that moment my family was in unexplainable grief as we already lost my father just…


Sometimes I feel that I am talking to books and reading a person.