Monday, November 29, 2010

Tiger Balm and skin burning ?

Till today I never used any balm but 2 days before I used Tiger balm on my forehead and got burn marks on my forehead.

Thanks to my dermitologist who cure those burn marks.


So before applying Tiger balm check whether it suits your skin or not. They have also printed this warning on there product.

I learnt my lesson.

I searched google for complaint against tiger balm and I found these links:
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Amal said...

This just happened to me! I had a cold since thursday so on friday i googled online and saw that tiger balm can be used as a decongestant by applying at the nostrils. I ended up applying it a few times underneath my nose and around my nostrils and now I have brown spots on those areas. Thankfully its not that noticeable because I have brown skin, but it's still very annoying because i feel the area is very dry all the time.

I have a question. Did the bruising end up fading for you and how long did it take? I am going on vacation next week and it'd be horrible to see everyone and greet them with this bruising.

rohan pillai said...

Same thing man, did yours heal?

Abhijeet said...

I had to visit dermatologist it healed after I applied ointments.