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Death Anniversary of Shankar Guha Niyogi (14th February, 1943 to 28th Sept.,1991)

Salute to his social reforms in Chattisgadh.  Please click here to read more about his work.


Pandit Kumar Gandharv and Saint Kabir = Heaven


I was waiting for Manish Tiwari's U turn, and he took it. Hats off to Anna's character. Though there a Retired Police Officer, X-News Producer, Top Advocate and a IIT Engineer but the aura which gave credibility to these four is Anna's Character... I am really really proud.

2 days to go for Independence day

On this independence day you have got chance to give gift to your mother nation by supporting anti-corruption movement by Anna Hazare. (Talk about it, think about it, breath it and action wil automatically follow)


We meet this person in our NY trip. It was a hot day and we were standing in a long queue for a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Due to the increasing heat people were getting uncomfortable but they this person a true crown was entertaining the crowd with his innocent smile. He was in the same heat from the morning but he was not complaining he was not crapping about the uncomfort of the heat he was just spreading the smile.

He was asking the people about the their origins and he was singing the song for their country. He sung Indian songs for us. You would definitely like it.

Crown is a such mysterious person, despite of his own state of emotions he has to just keep spreading the smile. It remembered me the great movie from Raj Kapoor, "Mera Naam Joker".

Sometimes you have to be a Joker and hide your emotions to make person in front of you happy.

Gillette Castle and Fort Trumbull

25 June 2011
Hartford is a home to many artists. This weekend we visited Gillette Castle State Park. The castle was originally a private residence commissioned and designed by William Gillette, an American actor who is most famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on stage.

This was the guy who was neighbor to Mark Twain, who spends his 8 years of life on boat because he loved staying on boat, who didn’t remarry after early demise of his lovely wife. Who built the castle but never referred it as a castle, who built the private rail road and whose passengers were Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin etc?

How can somebody think of owning a private rail road? That is so amazing. Everything in his house is made up of wood, e.g. latches, locks, electric switches.

There are a number of oddities in the castle personally designed by Gillette, such as unusual doorknobs and locks, and a system of hidden mirrors for surveillance of the public rooms from the master bedroom.

It’s a really beautiful place.


From the day I read article in times of India about Shreesh Jadhav, I am eager to meet him. He is indeed a great personality of our times. I was having little bit information about him that he teaches in the institute of the Belur math. Yesterday while surfing the internet I found this blog “From here and dere”. He is also one of thousands of fans\followers of Shreesh Maharaj (as he known in the Belur Math). He started his blog with the first article dedicated to Shreeshji.

From his blog only I came to know that Shreesh Jadhav is now known as Swami Sarvotamanand. This guy has got a privilege to meet Shreesh Maharaj. (It is a big deal for me.)

One step forward in knowing Shreesh Maharaj. Now the first thing to do as soon as I reach India is to visit Belur Math to meet Shreeshji.

Hartford Public Library – A Treasure Island

I have been seen this library from few years but never went inside to check what’s inside. Reason for this may be my short trips. Before this trip I always came to Hartford for a short trip of 2 to 3 months.

But this time I have decided that lets open account in the library. And after exploring the library I was amazed to see the wide variety of book on different topics like fiction, Non-fiction, Arts, Science, and Engineering. It has more that 100 types of magazine subscription. Wow!!! And one more amazing thing is the membership to this library is absolutely free. I was thrilled when I came to know that the library service is free. But thanks to Hartford Govt. for providing opportunity to people from society to read books for free.

Another attractive feature of this library is the Music and Movie section.

They have all kinds of music from all over the world. Now days I am listening to Folk Music from Ireland, Indian classical music and the Spanish Music.

If you are in Hartford then…

Rebuilding Hartford - Revisiting yourself

Saturday, April 30th

Me, my friends and my colleagues has undertaken and executed successfully many
philanthropy projects in India. But it’s the need of the society over there in developing
countries like India.

But it was a great experience to get a chance to serve the society in USA. Yes, you read
it right; this Saturday April 30 2011, I was part of such social welfare activity in Hartford,
USA with Rebuilding Together Hartford, Inc.

Rebuilding Together Hartford, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, volunteer organization
dedicated to helping low-income homeowners, through home renovation and repair.
Our mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and
lives of low-income Hartford homeowners.

We gathered at the decided venue and registered ourselves for the event. All the
volunteers were divided among different houses. And each house was assigned one
home. So we went to the home that was assigned to us and we got a warm welcome
and blessings by the homeowner. Volunte…

An Irish weekend in New York :)

Every time when I go to new York I go with two purpose to meet my old college friends and experience new York. I love new York street life. The people flowing on its street. The isolated journey in the metro trains. (You don’t get cell phone network in metro trains, since it is underground)

This time I went for a special purpose. Riyaaz (my college buddy) was going to perform in the New York Irish Community center with the other Irish Musicians. I really salute Riyaaz. He is a real genius. He started learning Irish Music one year back and now he has made himself to the level to perform publicly. He plays fiddle.

‘Fiddle’ or ‘Violin’?

There is another interesting story behind this. One day I asked Riyaaz why some people call this instrument ‘Fiddle’ and some as ‘Violin’. He told me that there is no technical difference. But his theory says that if you learn classical music then you calls it as ‘Violin’ and if you are learning it by yourself then you call it as ‘Fiddle’.

Saturday 16 April 2…

Book gems from Google books - 1

I got a new treasure on the internet, free books by google. com. Whenever I get a change I am going to deep dive into the huge ocean of books available on and whatever I will get I am going to present to you.

Pushing to the front by Orison Swett Marden

Amazing book. Very insipirational book on self development.

Hope you will like it.

Darling, aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do - Lyrics from 7 Khoon Maaf

Darling, aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do

Darling aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do
Roko na roko na mujhko pyaar karne do
Darling aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do
Roko na roko na mujhko pyaar karne do
Bekaif hai bahara, bechain jaane yaara
Bulbulon ko intezaar karne do
Darling aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do

Darling, sorry tujhe Sunday ke din, zehmat hui
Darling, milna tera fazle khuda, rehmat hui
Darling, sorry tujhe aate hue, sehmat hui
Darling, milna tera fazle khuda, rehmat hui, rehmat hui

Hey darling, public mein sansani ek baar karne do
Darling aankhon se aankhein chaar karne do
Roko na roko na mujhko pyaar karne do

Film/Album: 7 Khoon Maaf
Singer(s): Usha Uthap, Rekha Bhardwaj
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyricist: Gulzar