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An Irish weekend in New York :)

Every time when I go to new York I go with two purpose to meet my old college friends and experience new York. I love new York street life. The people flowing on its street. The isolated journey in the metro trains. (You don’t get cell phone network in metro trains, since it is underground)

This time I went for a special purpose. Riyaaz (my college buddy) was going to perform in the New York Irish Community center with the other Irish Musicians. I really salute Riyaaz. He is a real genius. He started learning Irish Music one year back and now he has made himself to the level to perform publicly. He plays fiddle.

‘Fiddle’ or ‘Violin’?

There is another interesting story behind this. One day I asked Riyaaz why some people call this instrument ‘Fiddle’ and some as ‘Violin’. He told me that there is no technical difference. But his theory says that if you learn classical music then you calls it as ‘Violin’ and if you are learning it by yourself then you call it as ‘Fiddle’.

Saturday 16 April 2…

Book gems from Google books - 1

I got a new treasure on the internet, free books by google. com. Whenever I get a change I am going to deep dive into the huge ocean of books available on and whatever I will get I am going to present to you.

Pushing to the front by Orison Swett Marden

Amazing book. Very insipirational book on self development.

Hope you will like it.