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An Irish weekend in New York :)

Every time when I go to new York I go with two purpose to meet my old college friends and experience new York. I love new York street life. The people flowing on its street. The isolated journey in the metro trains. (You don’t get cell phone network in metro trains, since it is underground)

This time I went for a special purpose. Riyaaz (my college buddy) was going to perform in the New York Irish Community center with the other Irish Musicians. I really salute Riyaaz. He is a real genius. He started learning Irish Music one year back and now he has made himself to the level to perform publicly. He plays fiddle.

‘Fiddle’ or ‘Violin’?

There is another interesting story behind this. One day I asked Riyaaz why some people call this instrument ‘Fiddle’ and some as ‘Violin’. He told me that there is no technical difference. But his theory says that if you learn classical music then you calls it as ‘Violin’ and if you are learning it by yourself then you call it as ‘Fiddle’.

Saturday 16 April 2011

We reached New York by 4:00pm. We meet Riyaaz and Aman. Aman just got shifted to New York. I was about to meet him after almost 2 years. Last time I meet him was in India. This was the first time I will be meeting him outside the native place. It may sound weird but it’s an altogether different experience to meet someone outside your common place. I meet Suhas, Riyaz, Mrunal and Aman outside India. We enjoyed a lot.

We went to an Irish Pub near Union Square named Lillie's Victorian Bar & Restaurant (13 East 17 Street NY, NY 10003). This historic bar had been opened by a Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929) in 1887.

Riyaz got a invite from a Irish band who was going to perform that evening in that bar. So we were searching for the Lillie’s bar at union station. And when its started running we were rushing to find the address and finally we saw a antique bar across the street and when we entered it was a warm welcome by a Irish tunes played by live Irish Band. Wow!!!

This bar has got an antique furniture, polite staff and very nice food. You can visit there website

And that was my first encounter with the live Irish music. The sound of banjo, accordion are so melodies. The mood automatically gets created by Fiddle. And nobody was singing it was a pure music.

It was a great evening. After having a dinner we still were not in the mood of going home. In the cities like New York, Mumbai you never feels its time to go home. With so much things happening around you really forgot what the time is.

So at around 8:00pm we decided to watch movie ‘Atlas Shrugged’. But it didn’t influence me much. For me Cinema should be entertaining or it should be influential.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Riyaaz’ performance was in the evening and so we decided to roam around Time Square.

When we reached at the place “New York Irish Center” ( As I entered inside I saw people playing traditional Irish instruments. What is related to Irish Music you can perform there whether it’s music, songs and dance? Just bring it on!!!

It was really impressive how people are trying to save the great folk music of Ireland. Now youth is getting attracted to the Irish music, but that number should go up.

We clicked some nice pictures and videos. I am sure you will like it.

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