Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hartford Public Library – A Treasure Island

I have been seen this library from few years but never went inside to check what’s inside. Reason for this may be my short trips. Before this trip I always came to Hartford for a short trip of 2 to 3 months.

But this time I have decided that lets open account in the library. And after exploring the library I was amazed to see the wide variety of book on different topics like fiction, Non-fiction, Arts, Science, and Engineering. It has more that 100 types of magazine subscription. Wow!!! And one more amazing thing is the membership to this library is absolutely free. I was thrilled when I came to know that the library service is free. But thanks to Hartford Govt. for providing opportunity to people from society to read books for free.

Another attractive feature of this library is the Music and Movie section.

They have all kinds of music from all over the world. Now days I am listening to Folk Music from Ireland, Indian classical music and the Spanish Music.

If you are in Hartford then you should spend your free time in Hartford Public Library.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rebuilding Hartford - Revisiting yourself

Saturday, April 30th

Me, my friends and my colleagues has undertaken and executed successfully many
philanthropy projects in India. But it’s the need of the society over there in developing
countries like India.

But it was a great experience to get a chance to serve the society in USA. Yes, you read
it right; this Saturday April 30 2011, I was part of such social welfare activity in Hartford,
USA with Rebuilding Together Hartford, Inc.

Rebuilding Together Hartford, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, volunteer organization
dedicated to helping low-income homeowners, through home renovation and repair.
Our mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and
lives of low-income Hartford homeowners.

We gathered at the decided venue and registered ourselves for the event. All the
volunteers were divided among different houses. And each house was assigned one
home. So we went to the home that was assigned to us and we got a warm welcome
and blessings by the homeowner. Volunteer coordinator briefed us again what needs
to be done and safety instructor gave instruction about do’s and don’t regarding safety
during the work.

In the 8 hours of rigorous day when we looked back on the activities which we
completed were –

1) Replace kitchen plumbing under sink/bathtub fixtures – upstairs
2) Reinstall railing to wall going upstairs and paint
3) Install CO2 detector in basement
4) Windows (replace rope)
5) Fix Railing front step
6) Garage – cleaning
7) Garden – Cleaning, Trimming the grass and Landscaping
8) Basement Cleaning
9) Electrical
10) Replace door knob in kitchen to basement

Wow!!! That was a fruitful day. My body was paining due to the physical work (I have to
push my grey cells to remember when the last time I went to gym was) but I was happy
and satisfied inside.

Thanks to Amit Karkera our house captain who initialized and executed the activity

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