Saturday, June 25, 2011


From the day I read article in times of India about Shreesh Jadhav, I am eager to meet him. He is indeed a great personality of our times. I was having little bit information about him that he teaches in the institute of the Belur math. Yesterday while surfing the internet I found this blog “From here and dere”. He is also one of thousands of fans\followers of Shreesh Maharaj (as he known in the Belur Math). He started his blog with the first article dedicated to Shreeshji.

From his blog only I came to know that Shreesh Jadhav is now known as Swami Sarvotamanand. This guy has got a privilege to meet Shreesh Maharaj. (It is a big deal for me.)

One step forward in knowing Shreesh Maharaj. Now the first thing to do as soon as I reach India is to visit Belur Math to meet Shreeshji.

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