Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wo jo ruki si/ Phir le aaya dil: Lyrics (Barfi)

Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Singer: Arijit Singh/ Rekha Bharadwaj

phir le aaya dil majboor kya keeje
raas na aaya rehna door kya keeje
dil keh raha use maqammal kar bhi aao
wo jo adhoori si baat baaki hai
wo jo adhoori si yaad baaki hai
wo jo adhoori si yaad baaki hai

karte hain hum aaj qubool kya keeje
ho gayi thi jo humse bhool kya keeje
dil keh raha use mayassar kar bhi aao
wo jo dabi si aas baaki hai
wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai
wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai
wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai..

kismat ko hai yeh manzoor kya keeje
milte rahe hum badastoor kya keeje
dil keh raha hai use musalsal kar bhi aao
wo jo ruki si raah baaki hai
wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai
wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai
wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai..

maqammal = complete; mayassar = to get something; musalsal = to make it forever

Thursday, June 28, 2012

World wants idea and its looking at you!!

I love ideas, in fact the primary objectives of this blog is to celebrate human nature of creating things. We all have ideas. But most of the time idea dies without achieving the physical or real form and then you hear from someone about the same idea came in to reality from someone else. Let’s try to find out.

Idea needs a nourishing environment to grow and convert into a bigger\tangible entity. Many a time idea dies because it does not get that nourishment. This is inline with the nature e.g. a seed can not grow in desert if it needs humidity and medium sun light. Let me make it more simple instead of nourishing environment lets call it nourishment and environment.


1) “Taste the dish, before you serve it to others.”
Sometimes it is dangerous to share an idea before it is still unclear to you. So when you try to explain that idea to a third person, you get lots of question (Which is a good thing.) but since you have not given sufficient time to understand all aspect of that idea you end up portraying yourself as a confused man, which may affect your personal brand.

2) “Doing Homework is not an old school idea.”
Doing homework related to your idea is always preferable. It shows how much passionate are you with this idea. It reflects your sincerity about the idea. It helps building confidence by looking at the successful patterns found in the past.
Homework gives you opportunity to understand the similar ideas happened in the past, the outcome of the ideas, stake holders, VCs who supported that idea.

3) “Idea will take care of you if you take care of Idea.”
Giving time to Idea is of vital importance in the early days till it comes into some substantial form. At start everybody is excited about the idea then slowly, that excitement starts lowering down. You start giving excuses. “It was a long day”, “Not feeling well”, “I will do it after some time.”, “Let me sleep now, I will wake up early in the morning” etc. But you never get time to work on your idea. We all have excuses but if you give those excuses you will never get time to work on your idea.

4) “Control your emotion or it will control you.”
You need to hold on Positive Attitude. There will be situations where you will be condemned for your idea. People will try to find loopholes in your idea. Critics will try to rip off your idea. But you need to control your emotions. You need to believe that it will work.

5) Documentation and PoC
This is a psychological trick to write down your idea on a paper just to give it a first physical form. The next step can be a detailed block diagram followed by a small proof of concept (may be just how it will look)

6) You can not microwave everything
Sometime you need to give sufficient time to develop a full proof idea from a triggering thought. Read related books, search internet for the related topics etc.

Environment –

1) Consideration of need.
Sometimes Idea can be created while working on a problem\need. In this case you already know the need and the target audience. But in some cases it happens that you have an idea, but you are unsure that there is a need for the outcome of that idea which in turn will generate revenue. In that case you might need to research. Find out what are different variations of product that may come as an output from that idea. Once we have a list of possible products then we can search for the target markets for those products.

2) Type of market
“There is a marketing story which I heard when I was in college. There was a sales man who was sent to a place to sell shoes. When that person landed to that place he found that nobody was shoes in that town. He was shocked, depressed. He communicates to head office that there are zero chances to sell shoe because nobody wear the shoe in this town. At the same time another sales person from rival company visits the town and he gets excited. He sends communication to his head office that he just found a new prospective market for shoe because there is a huge chance of selling a shoe in this town as nobody has one.”
So it is very much important that how to select your market or target buyers. You need to study your target audience and understand what their needs are? What is their culture? Is there any cultural obstacle in growth of your product? If you have a new idea and a target audience for it, then no doubt you will be a trend setter in that field.

3) Staying away from idea killers
Finally there will be many people who will try to convince you that this will not work. Some will say it’s stupid what you are doing. People won’t believe you. These kinds of people are idea killers. You need to stay away from these people. The important thing is first you need to believe in your idea then only world will believe in you.
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Monday, June 04, 2012

Which camera to buy? - Some quick thoughts before buying new camera

Many times people ask me which camera I should buy. As it is very general question, I would like to help them by narrowing down choices.

 (Since more people are interested in digital camera so I would not touch base on film camera in this post.)

1) Point and shoot Camera
These are the simple cameras which does allow user to make changes in the light exposure or aperture. I would like to define two categories for these cameras-

a. Camera’s that can fit in your pocket (BASIC).

i. Very compact and light wet.
ii. You can carry it in your pocket.
iii. Low price
iv. Sufficient to capture good pictures for different occasions.

i. Does not give more options to user to configure the settings while clicking the picture
ii. Does not have big zoom since lens are very compact.
iii. Can not connect external lens.

b. Camera’s that can not fit in your pocket (ADVANCED).

i. Can zoom in and take picture of remote objects easily.
ii. Sufficient to start photography as a hobby.
iii. Does give more options to user to configure the settings while clicking the picture
iv. It’s a best option between basic camera and SLR Camera

i. Can not connect external lens.
ii. You can not carry it in your pocket.
iii. Expensive than basic point and shoot camera

2) DSLR Camera

i. It’s a professional camera.
ii. Can zoom in and take picture of remote objects easily.
iii. Can connect external lens.
iv. Does give more options to user to configure the settings while clicking the picture

i. Buy only if you are serious about photography otherwise it will remain as a show piece in your gadget collection.
ii. Very Bulky
iii. Expensive

I hope folks will like this post. My next post will be on idea. Happy Bloggin!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Banjara Feel...

(I wrote this post a week ago but since I was not having internet connection at home, I could not publish this post. Yesterday my ISP installed the connection and now I am again connected to the virtual world.)

Finally I got shifted to a new apartment. I am not new to the emotional experience when you left the house after a long stay. Last year in India we shifted to new house after leaving in my old house for more than 28 years :). That was tough but the good thing is we have not sold that house and we won’t. Each and every brick and tile of that house has some or other memories of us. Some good and some are bad. But I have accepted all those memories and it’s a part of my personality now. I can not separate it from me.

Same thing should have happened after we shifted to new apartment in USA but we have to leave and vacate the house as it was rented and I have not rented it. So I may not be able to enter to into that apartment again unless I rent it again. Same thing will happen when I will vacate the current apartment. The best thing is in the new apartment we have patio\gallery and a spacious civil park just at the stone throw distance. In that civil park you may spend time playing soccer, swimming or tennis. Or just grab a book and spend your afternoon with the nature. But the worst thing is someday you have to vacate this home too.

As sung by Late Jagjit and Chitra Singh

Gum Ho Ki Khushi Dono Kuch Der Ke Saathi Hain,
Phir Rasta Hi Rasta Hai, Hasna Hai Na Rona Hai

[Sorrow or happiness are exists only for limited time, then you will start a journey where you will not smile or cry.]

The Atma Center:

As my elder cousin says whenever you go to the new place first understand the topology of the place. Get familiar with the near by social places where you can meet people and win new friends.

While going to my friend’s house I discovered this interesting place “The ATMA Center” near my new house and out of curiosity I decided to get in.

In Sanskrit language meaning of ATMA is a soul, but ATMA center has given a next level meaning to the word ATMA.

Awaken the Heart
Transform Limiting Beliefs
Manifest an Authentic Life
Ascend to One’s Highest Potential

When I saw inside from the glass door, nobody was at the reception, I waited looking around the broachers and the notice boards about the upcoming events and suddenly I met with this great personality Falguni Patel who runs the ATMA center.

Her soothing, spiritual appearance really calmed us down. All of our excitement was lowered and unconsciously we moved into a role of curious student from high school and eager to know about the school before getting into the class.

She explained us quiet well about the philosophy and the objective of ATMA center. How it helps healing people’s soul? Etc.

They have given schedule of their programs on their web site.
Feel free to visit this place.

When I left ATMA center, I was feeling positivity. I felt good. They have some programs coming weekend but unfortunately I won’t be their in the town at that time so I have to wait till next weekend.

Spirituality and Fear in my heart:-
Actually I have few silly reasons for not going on to spiritual path in my mind. I think if I get “enlightened” or if I make progress in this path then my senses towards the real world and duties will loose the grip. And that may affect the people dependent on me. Also as wise people says the joy of feeling enlighten is incomparable but at the same time after enlightenment I will not able to enjoy the joys of real world. I will be above all those senses. L

So I think right now I am very young at my thinking to go to the path of enlightenment.

I need to Meditate:-
But apart from what I said in above paragraph. I really want to do some meditation to reduce my anxiety and increase the concentration.
I should start as early as possible. Let’s see.

Internet Gems that I discovered in past few days:
Following are some interesting links that I gathered in last few days while surfing the internet. Hope you will find it interesting.

Some Good book list from Strong lifts:


Thursday, March 15, 2012


Memories are like
Tea in the cup.
You have to hold it
And bring it up.

Those are independent
Like a blow of wind
We are dependent
Let me remind

I can live without it
Everybody declare
But everybody is addicted
Everybody care

Addiction and Yoga
Let’s give those names to them
Depression and gaga
Let’s give those blames to them

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wethersfield cove - A place to be in summer

Sometime one activity gives you way or path to another activity. Last weekend I was practicing car in Wethersfield DMV area because of the road test in this DMV is considered as toughest road test in nearby areas considering the types of roads in Wethersfield. It was my attempt to get familiar with the area before the road test to reduce the surprise element. While doing that I was surprisingly landed in a beautiful area in Wethersfield known as Wethersfield cove.

This area has beauty as well as history. In ancient times it was used for local trade and travel. (To read more please visit wiki) It also has a warehouse, which open for visitors with nominal fees. I have not visited it this time but surely this is the place to be in summer.

I am also sharing the map, if you are in Connecticut, you should visit this place.

View Larger Map
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cirque da la Symphonie

If you want to see art and endurance together, you must watch Cirque de symphony. It’s a perfect blend of music and acrobatics. Your ears are filled with the soul soothing music and your eyes are stunned by the smooth performances of Cirque artists. I am feeling lucky to get an opportunity to attend this magnificent show.

This is my first time to go to the Bushnell Theater. I love life in theaters. From my school days I have been connected to different theatrical activities through the art circles. I am feeling lucky to born in a city (Pune) where the theater movement is very strong. There were days in all parts of India when theater was an effective medium of expression. But in today’s digital era that movement is slowing down. But as a sign of hope that still there are people in Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theater who are trying revive this golden culture of theater.

I know that was a little diversion from what I was saying before. As I always say to my friends it is always a royal feeling to attend live performances which you can not get in a movie. And along with this feeling if you get opportunity to attend a show in a royal ambiance then you are at right place at right time. Bushnell Theater is an 82 years old institution. They have renovated some of the ambiance but I am always thankful to the people of\around the Hartford for motivating the art movement which lasted for 82 years. This can only happen with a sense of responsibility towards art.  The ambiance and interiors of pathways, corridors and main hall are very beautiful. It gives the feeling that this is the place where art can be nourished.

I have always noticed one thing, for the shows like live orchestra, opera or Indian classical music. People are very keen on passing legacy of art to the next generation. They bring their kids to such show. I know many kids may not understand it but it get stored in their unconscious mind which may develop an art as hobby in future. It’s a duty of responsible parents to expose their kids to art in a right age.

Anyway to cut long story short, Cirque de symphony was an amazing show. As they say it’s the magic of cirque with the symphony. First time I saw female conductor leading an orchestra. And no doubt she was a true leader. Along with a grand orchestra, we got a chance to witness breath taking performance by Artists which include the most amazing veterans of exceptional cirque programs throughout the world- aerial flyers, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, jugglers, balancers, and strongmen. Another observation I would like to share is the resemblance of cirque stunts  with the Indian ancient art of Mallakhamb. (For more information about Mallakhamb, please visit http://www.shrinivashavaldar.co.in/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mallakhamb

I kept cursing myself for not bringing camera with me. But then I felt good because it could have diverted my concentration from the performance, and I could have missed the great art. But I am publishing some of the picture taken from cell phone camera from my friends. Thanks to Technology.

I also got one video from the web site of Cirque de symphony, I am sharing it here.

Thanks to organizers for arranging this show in Hartford.  Before I end this post I would like to recommend this show to all people who love live music and adventure. Don’t miss this show if it is coming in your town.

To know more about Cirque de symphony, visit their website.

To Do List for me –
1) Watch next show of Cirque de symphony in December 2012.
2) Watch similar show without live music, cirque du soleil which is in May 2012.
3) Watch performance of Hartford Symphony.

- Abhijeet (
18 – Feb – 2012)

P.S. –After I wrote this article I got few interesting information about the conductor and the orchestra. The name of the magnificent female conductor is Carolyn Kuan and name of the orchestra is the orchestra of my own city Hartford Symphony. I really like this orchestra and I am going to follow their programs.To know more Carolyn Kuan and Hartford Symphony, please visit their website.(http://www.hartfordsymphony.org/)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Maharashtra Muncipal Election 2012 and My Childhood Memories

Voting is done and results are out for the Maharashtra state elections. This is the first time in my life where I missed the voting. Feeling sad!!

I remember how my parents pushed me to register myself when I turned eighteen. I was fully excited that I will do the voting.

During the election campaign candidates used to stick their stickers on the walls. We were so fascinated by that sticker. We used to collect the unused stickers and used to exchange it with other friends.

We used to get voting slips with the address of the nearest voting center and voter numbers. Our whole family used to go to voting booth early in the morning so that we don’t need to stand in the line for voting. And while coming back we kept discussing about who will win in the election. Reading and researching about the candidate before voting was assumed in our family. We never discussed among our self to whom we will vote. We were following all the rules of voting given in the constitution. But we followed it as a common sense and not for the sake of following constitution. But on the same line constitution is nothing but the common sense rules.

Same thing when my Dad taught me to drive M50 and later Bajaj Chetak. He was very strict about proper signaling of hands and indicators. When I saw ignorant drivers running on the streets I remember his words.

When I remember this I really feel good about how responsible my parents are for trying to make myself a responsible citizen.

P.S. I wanted to share an image of Bajaj M50, but I was not able find it on internet. If anybody finds it please let me know.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are you excited about your idea?

Actually many times it happens that an idea comes to your mind and you give lots of thought to that idea. You realize that this has potential. As a next step you plan to gather as much of data related to it. You go to internet to search for it and eureka (?) you find that it is already implemented and running.

Don’t feel sad. Now I am used to it. No need to be sorry but the important thing is to keep getting excited about ideas. You never know which idea will be liked by people. And finally you have to understand that you are implementing the idea for your satisfaction.

I have seen closely how people dedicate their time and life for an idea. How they work hard towards it? Irrespective of the fear of negative result they keep themselves passionate and excited about the idea. You really feel inspired after meeting such people. Inspiration and passion are contagious.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

All cold and no snow makes east coast a dull coast!!!

After long time I am again started writing on this blog. And I have realized that it is really very important for me to write and to express. And this is kind of autobiography for me where I keep updating details for my trips and travels. So more precisely this blog is a biography + travelogue for me. 

I mean it. Really its middle of February and still there is no snow.

Yesterday weather related site was showing that there are 100% chances of snow but it didn’t. Last year it was horrible and this year it’s weird because it snowed heavily in October. Then little in January and that’s it. No snow et’al.

I know most of the people love snow when they experience it for the first time but gradually they lost interest in it. But snow has its different charm in it. It’s a pride of east coast. It develops a fighting spirit in people to fight and work in any weather condition. Snow is the beauty and identity of east coast.


Had an amazing yoga session today after two weeks of gap. Feeling really rejuvenated. I am feeling again connected to my body. #gratitude ...