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All cold and no snow makes east coast a dull coast!!!

After long time I am again started writing on this blog. And I have realized that it is really very important for me to write and to express. And this is kind of autobiography for me where I keep updating details for my trips and travels. So more precisely this blog is a biography + travelogue for me. 

I mean it. Really its middle of February and still there is no snow.

Yesterday weather related site was showing that there are 100% chances of snow but it didn’t. Last year it was horrible and this year it’s weird because it snowed heavily in October. Then little in January and that’s it. No snow et’al.

I know most of the people love snow when they experience it for the first time but gradually they lost interest in it. But snow has its different charm in it. It’s a pride of east coast. It develops a fighting spirit in people to fight and work in any weather condition. Snow is the beauty and identity of east coast.

When I first experienced the snow I was feeling that I don’t want to live here anymore but gradually it’s not the snow which is creating the issue, it’s my ignorance towards snow which is killing me. Snow and winter are just doing what they needs to naturally. I should be responsible for help me protecting my self from cold.

For this winter I bought new jacket, hand gloves, scarf, boots and almost everything that’s needed to make your winter comfortable which includes Cognac and Scotch too.

Let’s hope so that snow will be there before March first week. Fingers crossed.

I remember the last winter. I went to New York at my friends place on Christmas weekend and I got stuck there for almost 5 days. I am posting few glimpses of New York City in winter 2010.

 Happy Birth Aniversay to Shankar Guha Niyogi.!!!
Authentic Dal Bati and Dal Bafla, yummy!!!

If you have not tasted Dal Bati and Dal Bafla then you are seriously missing something in your life. One of my friends from Rajasthan was so kind and generous that she has given us an opportunity to had delicious Dal Bati and Dal Bafla on last weekend.

To know more about Dal Bati and Dal Bafla please click her to see the wiki page.

Here are some pictures of the dish.

Weekend car rental.

This weekend I drove Toyota Yaris. I was just thinking how many models of cars I drove till now in last 2 years. I was surprised to see the variety. I will be giving the road test for my driving license of Connecticut in March. I am preparing sincerely for that road test. Finger’s crossed. I am comfortable in driving in the city but I need to be more comfortable on freeways. Need to do more practice. 

Rented Toyota Yaris
Driving Class’s Toyota Camry
Honda Accord
Rented Ford Edge
Vaibhav’s Tata Indica
Raja’s Hyundai Getz
Rohan’s Hyundai Santro

photography exhibition
This weekend I have visited photography exhibition of one of my friend. It was a proud moment for me. Many times we visit exhibitions but visiting an exhibition of a person that you closely know is a really amazing experience. It was really warm atmosphere at the exhibition followed by some really delicious snacks. Overall it was an inspiration for me.

And finally I am ending this post with my fav M Tv ad. I was searching this from a long time.


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