Monday, February 20, 2012

Cirque da la Symphonie

If you want to see art and endurance together, you must watch Cirque de symphony. It’s a perfect blend of music and acrobatics. Your ears are filled with the soul soothing music and your eyes are stunned by the smooth performances of Cirque artists. I am feeling lucky to get an opportunity to attend this magnificent show.

This is my first time to go to the Bushnell Theater. I love life in theaters. From my school days I have been connected to different theatrical activities through the art circles. I am feeling lucky to born in a city (Pune) where the theater movement is very strong. There were days in all parts of India when theater was an effective medium of expression. But in today’s digital era that movement is slowing down. But as a sign of hope that still there are people in Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theater who are trying revive this golden culture of theater.

I know that was a little diversion from what I was saying before. As I always say to my friends it is always a royal feeling to attend live performances which you can not get in a movie. And along with this feeling if you get opportunity to attend a show in a royal ambiance then you are at right place at right time. Bushnell Theater is an 82 years old institution. They have renovated some of the ambiance but I am always thankful to the people of\around the Hartford for motivating the art movement which lasted for 82 years. This can only happen with a sense of responsibility towards art.  The ambiance and interiors of pathways, corridors and main hall are very beautiful. It gives the feeling that this is the place where art can be nourished.

I have always noticed one thing, for the shows like live orchestra, opera or Indian classical music. People are very keen on passing legacy of art to the next generation. They bring their kids to such show. I know many kids may not understand it but it get stored in their unconscious mind which may develop an art as hobby in future. It’s a duty of responsible parents to expose their kids to art in a right age.

Anyway to cut long story short, Cirque de symphony was an amazing show. As they say it’s the magic of cirque with the symphony. First time I saw female conductor leading an orchestra. And no doubt she was a true leader. Along with a grand orchestra, we got a chance to witness breath taking performance by Artists which include the most amazing veterans of exceptional cirque programs throughout the world- aerial flyers, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, jugglers, balancers, and strongmen. Another observation I would like to share is the resemblance of cirque stunts  with the Indian ancient art of Mallakhamb. (For more information about Mallakhamb, please visit and

I kept cursing myself for not bringing camera with me. But then I felt good because it could have diverted my concentration from the performance, and I could have missed the great art. But I am publishing some of the picture taken from cell phone camera from my friends. Thanks to Technology.

I also got one video from the web site of Cirque de symphony, I am sharing it here.

Thanks to organizers for arranging this show in Hartford.  Before I end this post I would like to recommend this show to all people who love live music and adventure. Don’t miss this show if it is coming in your town.

To know more about Cirque de symphony, visit their website.

To Do List for me –
1) Watch next show of Cirque de symphony in December 2012.
2) Watch similar show without live music, cirque du soleil which is in May 2012.
3) Watch performance of Hartford Symphony.

- Abhijeet (
18 – Feb – 2012)

P.S. –After I wrote this article I got few interesting information about the conductor and the orchestra. The name of the magnificent female conductor is Carolyn Kuan and name of the orchestra is the orchestra of my own city Hartford Symphony. I really like this orchestra and I am going to follow their programs.To know more Carolyn Kuan and Hartford Symphony, please visit their website.(

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