Friday, February 17, 2012

Maharashtra Muncipal Election 2012 and My Childhood Memories

Voting is done and results are out for the Maharashtra state elections. This is the first time in my life where I missed the voting. Feeling sad!!

I remember how my parents pushed me to register myself when I turned eighteen. I was fully excited that I will do the voting.

During the election campaign candidates used to stick their stickers on the walls. We were so fascinated by that sticker. We used to collect the unused stickers and used to exchange it with other friends.

We used to get voting slips with the address of the nearest voting center and voter numbers. Our whole family used to go to voting booth early in the morning so that we don’t need to stand in the line for voting. And while coming back we kept discussing about who will win in the election. Reading and researching about the candidate before voting was assumed in our family. We never discussed among our self to whom we will vote. We were following all the rules of voting given in the constitution. But we followed it as a common sense and not for the sake of following constitution. But on the same line constitution is nothing but the common sense rules.

Same thing when my Dad taught me to drive M50 and later Bajaj Chetak. He was very strict about proper signaling of hands and indicators. When I saw ignorant drivers running on the streets I remember his words.

When I remember this I really feel good about how responsible my parents are for trying to make myself a responsible citizen.

P.S. I wanted to share an image of Bajaj M50, but I was not able find it on internet. If anybody finds it please let me know.

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