Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wethersfield cove - A place to be in summer

Sometime one activity gives you way or path to another activity. Last weekend I was practicing car in Wethersfield DMV area because of the road test in this DMV is considered as toughest road test in nearby areas considering the types of roads in Wethersfield. It was my attempt to get familiar with the area before the road test to reduce the surprise element. While doing that I was surprisingly landed in a beautiful area in Wethersfield known as Wethersfield cove.

This area has beauty as well as history. In ancient times it was used for local trade and travel. (To read more please visit wiki) It also has a warehouse, which open for visitors with nominal fees. I have not visited it this time but surely this is the place to be in summer.

I am also sharing the map, if you are in Connecticut, you should visit this place.

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