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A Banjara Feel...

(I wrote this post a week ago but since I was not having internet connection at home, I could not publish this post. Yesterday my ISP installed the connection and now I am again connected to the virtual world.)

Finally I got shifted to a new apartment. I am not new to the emotional experience when you left the house after a long stay. Last year in India we shifted to new house after leaving in my old house for more than 28 years :). That was tough but the good thing is we have not sold that house and we won’t. Each and every brick and tile of that house has some or other memories of us. Some good and some are bad. But I have accepted all those memories and it’s a part of my personality now. I can not separate it from me.

Same thing should have happened after we shifted to new apartment in USA but we have to leave and vacate the house as it was rented and I have not rented it. So I may not be able to enter to into that apartment again unless I rent it again. Same thing will happen when…