Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Banjara Feel...

(I wrote this post a week ago but since I was not having internet connection at home, I could not publish this post. Yesterday my ISP installed the connection and now I am again connected to the virtual world.)

Finally I got shifted to a new apartment. I am not new to the emotional experience when you left the house after a long stay. Last year in India we shifted to new house after leaving in my old house for more than 28 years :). That was tough but the good thing is we have not sold that house and we won’t. Each and every brick and tile of that house has some or other memories of us. Some good and some are bad. But I have accepted all those memories and it’s a part of my personality now. I can not separate it from me.

Same thing should have happened after we shifted to new apartment in USA but we have to leave and vacate the house as it was rented and I have not rented it. So I may not be able to enter to into that apartment again unless I rent it again. Same thing will happen when I will vacate the current apartment. The best thing is in the new apartment we have patio\gallery and a spacious civil park just at the stone throw distance. In that civil park you may spend time playing soccer, swimming or tennis. Or just grab a book and spend your afternoon with the nature. But the worst thing is someday you have to vacate this home too.

As sung by Late Jagjit and Chitra Singh

Gum Ho Ki Khushi Dono Kuch Der Ke Saathi Hain,
Phir Rasta Hi Rasta Hai, Hasna Hai Na Rona Hai

[Sorrow or happiness are exists only for limited time, then you will start a journey where you will not smile or cry.]

The Atma Center:

As my elder cousin says whenever you go to the new place first understand the topology of the place. Get familiar with the near by social places where you can meet people and win new friends.

While going to my friend’s house I discovered this interesting place “The ATMA Center” near my new house and out of curiosity I decided to get in.

In Sanskrit language meaning of ATMA is a soul, but ATMA center has given a next level meaning to the word ATMA.

Awaken the Heart
Transform Limiting Beliefs
Manifest an Authentic Life
Ascend to One’s Highest Potential

When I saw inside from the glass door, nobody was at the reception, I waited looking around the broachers and the notice boards about the upcoming events and suddenly I met with this great personality Falguni Patel who runs the ATMA center.

Her soothing, spiritual appearance really calmed us down. All of our excitement was lowered and unconsciously we moved into a role of curious student from high school and eager to know about the school before getting into the class.

She explained us quiet well about the philosophy and the objective of ATMA center. How it helps healing people’s soul? Etc.

They have given schedule of their programs on their web site.
Feel free to visit this place.

When I left ATMA center, I was feeling positivity. I felt good. They have some programs coming weekend but unfortunately I won’t be their in the town at that time so I have to wait till next weekend.

Spirituality and Fear in my heart:-
Actually I have few silly reasons for not going on to spiritual path in my mind. I think if I get “enlightened” or if I make progress in this path then my senses towards the real world and duties will loose the grip. And that may affect the people dependent on me. Also as wise people says the joy of feeling enlighten is incomparable but at the same time after enlightenment I will not able to enjoy the joys of real world. I will be above all those senses. L

So I think right now I am very young at my thinking to go to the path of enlightenment.

I need to Meditate:-
But apart from what I said in above paragraph. I really want to do some meditation to reduce my anxiety and increase the concentration.
I should start as early as possible. Let’s see.

Internet Gems that I discovered in past few days:
Following are some interesting links that I gathered in last few days while surfing the internet. Hope you will find it interesting.

Some Good book list from Strong lifts:


Had an amazing yoga session today after two weeks of gap. Feeling really rejuvenated. I am feeling again connected to my body. #gratitude ...