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World wants idea and its looking at you!!

I love ideas, in fact the primary objectives of this blog is to celebrate human nature of creating things. We all have ideas. But most of the time idea dies without achieving the physical or real form and then you hear from someone about the same idea came in to reality from someone else. Let’s try to find out.

Idea needs a nourishing environment to grow and convert into a bigger\tangible entity. Many a time idea dies because it does not get that nourishment. This is inline with the nature e.g. a seed can not grow in desert if it needs humidity and medium sun light. Let me make it more simple instead of nourishing environment lets call it nourishment and environment.


1) “Taste the dish, before you serve it to others.”
Sometimes it is dangerous to share an idea before it is still unclear to you. So when you try to explain that idea to a third person, you get lots of question (Which is a good thing.) but since you have not given sufficient time to understand all aspect…

Which camera to buy? - Some quick thoughts before buying new camera

Many times people ask me which camera I should buy. As it is very general question, I would like to help them by narrowing down choices.

 (Since more people are interested in digital camera so I would not touch base on film camera in this post.)

1) Point and shoot Camera
These are the simple cameras which does allow user to make changes in the light exposure or aperture. I would like to define two categories for these cameras-

a. Camera’s that can fit in your pocket (BASIC).

i. Very compact and light wet.
ii. You can carry it in your pocket.
iii. Low price
iv. Sufficient to capture good pictures for different occasions.

i. Does not give more options to user to configure the settings while clicking the picture
ii. Does not have big zoom since lens are very compact.
iii. Can not connect external lens.

b. Camera’s that can not fit in your pocket (ADVANCED).

i. Can zoom in and take picture of remote objects easily.
ii. Sufficient to start photography as a …