Thursday, June 28, 2012

World wants idea and its looking at you!!

I love ideas, in fact the primary objectives of this blog is to celebrate human nature of creating things. We all have ideas. But most of the time idea dies without achieving the physical or real form and then you hear from someone about the same idea came in to reality from someone else. Let’s try to find out.

Idea needs a nourishing environment to grow and convert into a bigger\tangible entity. Many a time idea dies because it does not get that nourishment. This is inline with the nature e.g. a seed can not grow in desert if it needs humidity and medium sun light. Let me make it more simple instead of nourishing environment lets call it nourishment and environment.


1) “Taste the dish, before you serve it to others.”
Sometimes it is dangerous to share an idea before it is still unclear to you. So when you try to explain that idea to a third person, you get lots of question (Which is a good thing.) but since you have not given sufficient time to understand all aspect of that idea you end up portraying yourself as a confused man, which may affect your personal brand.

2) “Doing Homework is not an old school idea.”
Doing homework related to your idea is always preferable. It shows how much passionate are you with this idea. It reflects your sincerity about the idea. It helps building confidence by looking at the successful patterns found in the past.
Homework gives you opportunity to understand the similar ideas happened in the past, the outcome of the ideas, stake holders, VCs who supported that idea.

3) “Idea will take care of you if you take care of Idea.”
Giving time to Idea is of vital importance in the early days till it comes into some substantial form. At start everybody is excited about the idea then slowly, that excitement starts lowering down. You start giving excuses. “It was a long day”, “Not feeling well”, “I will do it after some time.”, “Let me sleep now, I will wake up early in the morning” etc. But you never get time to work on your idea. We all have excuses but if you give those excuses you will never get time to work on your idea.

4) “Control your emotion or it will control you.”
You need to hold on Positive Attitude. There will be situations where you will be condemned for your idea. People will try to find loopholes in your idea. Critics will try to rip off your idea. But you need to control your emotions. You need to believe that it will work.

5) Documentation and PoC
This is a psychological trick to write down your idea on a paper just to give it a first physical form. The next step can be a detailed block diagram followed by a small proof of concept (may be just how it will look)

6) You can not microwave everything
Sometime you need to give sufficient time to develop a full proof idea from a triggering thought. Read related books, search internet for the related topics etc.

Environment –

1) Consideration of need.
Sometimes Idea can be created while working on a problem\need. In this case you already know the need and the target audience. But in some cases it happens that you have an idea, but you are unsure that there is a need for the outcome of that idea which in turn will generate revenue. In that case you might need to research. Find out what are different variations of product that may come as an output from that idea. Once we have a list of possible products then we can search for the target markets for those products.

2) Type of market
“There is a marketing story which I heard when I was in college. There was a sales man who was sent to a place to sell shoes. When that person landed to that place he found that nobody was shoes in that town. He was shocked, depressed. He communicates to head office that there are zero chances to sell shoe because nobody wear the shoe in this town. At the same time another sales person from rival company visits the town and he gets excited. He sends communication to his head office that he just found a new prospective market for shoe because there is a huge chance of selling a shoe in this town as nobody has one.”
So it is very much important that how to select your market or target buyers. You need to study your target audience and understand what their needs are? What is their culture? Is there any cultural obstacle in growth of your product? If you have a new idea and a target audience for it, then no doubt you will be a trend setter in that field.

3) Staying away from idea killers
Finally there will be many people who will try to convince you that this will not work. Some will say it’s stupid what you are doing. People won’t believe you. These kinds of people are idea killers. You need to stay away from these people. The important thing is first you need to believe in your idea then only world will believe in you.
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