Wednesday, April 03, 2013

3 tips for manager who conduct appraisal meetings

March and April are the months equally important for  employees in India because of the Financial year ending as well as appraisal time.

Recently I have seen lots of people complaining about the way appraisal meetings are conducted. 

I would like to share 3 tips for manager who conduct appraisal.

1) Agenda for meeting
Manager should do their homework and come with fix agenda for the meeting.
This will help limiting the topic discussed in the agenda. Their should be a thoughtfulness not to discuss topic which are not related to appraisal.
Discussing topic which is not related to Office will damage your image as manager.

2) Don't compare the appraisee with other person
Manager often tempt to compare appraisee with other person or give example of other person. This will demotivate the appraisee and will create a unhealthy competition between them which may affect the project work.
3) Keep it quick
Appraisal meeting should be kept at convenient time for manager as well as appraisee. This will create a sense in team that manager cares for them. It is always better to keep appraisal meeting in the morning time.

Hope these tips are useful.

Happy Appraisal!!


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Nice post. Thanks for share.