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Unexpected Bliss!!

Yesterday my Macbook pro started making noise. When I searched on the net I found that this issue is mainly caused by the dust.

I was sure that it will be really costly to replace the Macbook pro fan.

I went to apple genius bar center and they just cleaned the fan it was working as new.

Thanks a lot Apple Care. You made my day!


Spring is coming...

After a long time I feeling excited about blogging again thanks to this post.

Though spring has started in many parts of US. It’s not seen visibly in Minnesota. Look at this picture I clicked yesterday.

But looking at the weather forecast it looks like we will get spring very soon.

There were lots of instances from my current 6 months stay in Minnesota. I meet really amazing people in Minnesota. Made new friends. Pushed my limits. Tested my intuitions, I survived the worst winter in last two decades and I am feeling grateful for all of these things.

With spring coming, I have few plans in my mind for next 6 months.

Learn Scuba Diving

Reduce weight

Learn new technology

More blogging

More reading

Complete one technical certification

Luv you all,