Saturday, August 23, 2014

My tenure in Movers and Packers!

Thank you! I said to Shiva my buddy in Hartford for helping me move to my new condo in Hartford.  This is my fifth time in last one year I am moving to new place. During my first moving I thought its boring then by the 3rd moving experience I accepted the fact that it’s frustrating to pack all things and unpack again once you move to new place.
There is a positive side to it too.

Moving helps you de-clutter your life. It helps you decide what things you do not need and should get rid of.
You never see those things unless you browse through your Elmira. 

It pushes you to out of your comfort zone.  You get used to things around, roads, people, places. It difficult to get away from all these connection and form new connection.

Fear of unknown - The most common root of fear is unknown. This is only thing which stops people from taking decision. But with multiple moving experience in my pocket, I am now used to that feeling. I have accepted the fact that its ok to have unknowns in life. You cannot uncover all the things. Certainty is myth. Earlier you get used to this fact, better for you.

Memories - It helps you get new experiences, create memories so that you can tell your grandsons stories :)

Not everyone will get into situation like moving 5 times a year. But if you are in that situation, you have a choice to look at the positive side of it.

Take a deep breathe!

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