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Are you virtualized?

I am sure most of you have overheard the word virtualization in some or other discussion. There are two types of virtualization application virtualization and session virtualization.

I was thinking are we doing the same thing in our real life. we are so much isolated from the things that we are living in the bubble.



Watching rain is always so much mesmerizing. It takes you far down the memory lane.  It was raining whole day today here in west hartford. I had to cancel my hiking plan and decided to stay at home. I had my breakfast. I prepared a nice hot tea and sat near the window gazing at the droplets on the clear window glass. My eye were constantly changing the focus from glass to street. There were some enthusiastic athletes running in the rain just to make sure they don't miss there workout due to rain. There were some young girl walking there dogs on the street. One lady with umbrella waiting for the bus on the bus stop. This was paradoxical to the any other rainy day. People were out doing their chores.

One of the prime thing about rain which I was missing while seating in the window was the petrichor. It always takes me down to the memory lane of my childhood. It was scent of earth after the first droplets of rain. We use to sing in the rain local rain songs. While we were dancing and s…

New beginning...2016

Its almost middle of feb but still I am referring to it as a new beginning.

Its almost a year I have started listening to different podcast on my commute to work. My favorite podcast is "Knowledge for Men. But recently I stumbled upon Tim Ferris podcast

Tim has opened many avenues of interesting knowledge to me. Thanks to Tim for introducing me to Seneca and Seth Godin.

Today I have started blogging because of both of them. 

I have to work over the weekend since one of my application is going live on Sunday. As murphy's law something is going to fail. Let's see how it goes.